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10-Jun-2017 22:01

Someone wrote to me recently asking if they had any advice for getting out of a funk. Not everyone is so lucky to have someone around 24/7 helping them to stay happy, so here are 101 ideas for cheering yourself up.

You know the feeling – nothing seems to work out for you, you can’t seem to pull yourself up and get motivated to do something, you feel bored, lethargic, and sad. Lots of these ideas would be fun to do with a friend or lover, but they work just as well if you’re by your lonesome. Just you, something (or someone) to snuggle, a laptop, notebook or sketchpad, some rad music, a good movie, and a hot cup of chocolate.

Tell them how awesome you think they are, and how much you love hanging out with them.

Or, if you want to be less sappy, just quote some Manowar lyrics and tell them they smell.

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Walk the dog in your bondage pants and Pantera shirt, vacuum the house in a tutu and high heels, buy milk at the store in nothing but a trenchcoat.

Buy one of those “make your own sushi” kits from the supermarket, and learn to roll your own little roundels of heaven.

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