Dammers houtskool online dating

22-Oct-2017 13:59

Nummer 1 onder de houtskolen wanneer je grote stukken houtskool wilt hebben. Met name voor de horeca, maar ook voor de enthousiaste hobby kok is deze houtskool het meest geschikt.

40 jaar ervaring en heel veel testen, gemerkt dat er geen enkele houtskool is die zich kan meten met de Zuidafrikaanse houtskool.

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After fumbling with a pair of aspirins as though they are worry-beads for several minutes, he finally posts the pills through the gap of his missing upper front teeth. Such an impressive legacy notwithstanding, however, in the rehearsal studio it is only moments before the subject veers off from the Sun Ra endeavour to the other group in Dammers’s life – the Specials.

“But people shouldn’t worry we’re being too serious. Although we’re also doing some of my own material – Ghost Town and Man at C&A – I’m trying to be a tribute-band purist.

“Originality is a bit old hat,” he concludes gnomically.

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However, when his dark mood softens, he will wryly admit that he formed the Specials only so he’d have a group to play his songs.