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His new weapons include a Glaive, Knuckles, Hammer, Fan and the large sword used by Sigma (available upon starting a New Game after completing the game on Normal or Hard difficulty or by entering a secret code at the Title Screen in the PS2 version).Unlike X7 he can use any special technique regardless of which weapon is equipped, and certain special techniques can also change when a particular special weapon is equipped.Axl's new firing capabilities are meant to resemble Bass' from Mega Man & Bass (and the later release of Mega Man 10), where not only can he fire in different directions (all around instead of just upward or diagonally like Bass did) but also Axl's rapid fire ability is greater than X's.Much like X5 and X6, X can obtain the parts from the Dr.However, Vile captured the Reploid in charge of the Jakob Project, Lumine, and several Maverick attacks break out around the world.The Maverick Hunters have to fight against the Mavericks while trying to locate Lumine.

However, the three characters can use "guard break" attacks, allowing them to defeat these enemies, these being X's fully charged shot, Zero's third Z Saber slash, and every eighth shot of Axl's Axl Bullet rapid fire.Thanks to new technology, humans began migrations to the Moon with the "Jakob Project".As part of the project, the Jakob Orbital Elevator was built in the Galápagos Islands, and a highly advanced new generation of Reploids have been created to work on the Moon's surface.After defeating the Mavericks, it's discovered that Sigma was behind the attacks, and he was with Vile and Lumine on the Moon.

His plan was to destroy the old Earth to create a new world with "his children," the New Generation Reploids.

in Japan, is a game of the Mega Man X series released for the Play Station 2 in 2004.