Henry rollins dating transcript

16-Jun-2017 17:44

We were the first band in 60 years to go there and blast a Hitler speech before the song is about comparing Christianity or organised religion with totalitarianism – two souls being put into one person’s body.It’s like, do I want to save the Jews, or do I want to cook them?

My ancestors were slaves, but what am I supposed to do 1,000 years later, sue fucking Austria? That war's over, brother." DO YOU HAVE ANY VIEWS ON THE CURRENT MIDDLE-EAST SITUATION? I used to work for the Parks Department and I am the gardener of Eden.

I put a sign outside my house encouraging burglars and left my front door open. Let me tell you, if I did have a kid and it got to the age where it could go onto the internet… It doesn’t matter a damn to me whether someone is Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, whatever the fuck. That’s what marriage is about.” PEOPLE WON'T EXPECT TO HEAR YOU TALK LIKE THIS. Why do women insist upon filling every shelf with dustables and knick-knacks?