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Another of these folk-songs presents a young girl who is able to outwit the young man who slyly approaches her as she is walking across a paddy field. The young man asks her to move closer to him and take cover under his umbrella, but she parries his requests with witty evasions. The time is gone, the time is gone the water fowl is hopping away behind the screwpine. An appendix has been specially added to cover the main developments in the period after Independence. Examples are the door-opening song of the Christians associated with marriage celebrations, coaxing the bridegroom to open the door of the bridal chamber, the famous Mappila songs and ballads with their lyrical lilt and fervour, the Sanghakali songs of the Brahmin theatre, the songs about Kali, used for Thiyattu and Mudiyettu, the boatsongs or Vanchipattu sung by choral groups to accompany spirited boat race activities and songs used for Kalamezhuthu, Thira and other kinds of ritualistic worship. The present edition retains the original text with minor corrections and additions. The Christians and Muslims, along with Brahmins and other upper classes, have also had their religious and social songs. Who is going there along the causeway With palm-leaf rolls in the ears? This umbrella is just for a day, But my bangles are for all my life.

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But the writer in all humility may crave the indulgence of all those who know better and pray for their goodwill. The contemporary period has not been fully covered, the author felt that, among other things, it was not easy to see the works of this period in perspective and therefore to evaluate them objectively. Family feuds often provide the background or foreground of these stories in verse.

Strictly following this principle, we decided to reprint the book, A Short History of Malayalam Literature as its sixth edition, which was first published in 1977. They have come and lined up And portioned out the seedlings.

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