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18 Caption: "In 1773 Paul Revere married Rachel Walker, his second wife. It commemorated the ninety-two Massachusetts legislators who defied the King's command to rescind a Circular Letter that summoned all the colonies to resist the Townshend Acts. Slide 10 Date: 1775 Artist: Paul Revere Keywords: Paul Revere, Revolution Citation: American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts.

21 Caption: "The Sons of Liberty or Rescinders' Bowl was made by Paul Revere for the subscribers whose names appear around the rim. 54 Caption: The Portsmouth Alarm, December 13-19, 1774 showing Paul Revere's route. Revere copied the figures from an English print, and added a strong religious theme. 1768 Artist: John Singleton Copley Keywords: Paul Revere, Revolution, Boston, Massachusetts, Copley, Portraits, Citation: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Lord North hands George III a 'Bill for the total abolition of civil and religious liberty in America,' while Justice Mansfield offers an 'act for murdering the Bostonians' and the Earl of Bute looks on approvingly.

Furniture can either stay or go depending on your preference or needs. Expresses, Posts and Couriers with News of British Expedition April 18-19, 1775. His son Joseph Warren Revere paid the American artist Gilbert Stuart 0 for these portraits of his parents in old age." Slide 7 Date: c.1785 Artist: Joseph Dunkerly Keywords: Paul Revere, Portraits, Citation: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. It is set in a handsome gold frame that her husband probably made himself." Slide 8 Date: c.1775 Artist: Paul Revere Keywords: Paul Revere, Silverware, Revolution, Citation: Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. 292 Caption: "Paul Revere at the age of seventy-seven in June 1813. he wrote her love poems on the back of his shop accounts, and in 1784-85 had this miniature painted on ivory... The bowl is embellished with liberty poles, liberty caps, Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and John Wilkes' polemic, No. The inscription condemnds "the insolent Menaces of Villains in Power."" Slide 9 Date: 1994 Artist: Andrew Mudryk Keywords: Paul Revere, Revolution, Midnight Ride, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Boston Citation: David Hackett Fischer. The Sundazed reissue, released in February 2000, has been remixed from the original three-track session masters, yet remains true to the band's original sound, and the album has been enhanced with the presence of three rocking bonus tracks (two of them car songs -- cool! "Kicks" is still the coolest song here, but the Sundazed version rocks a lot harder with the extra tracks, and is a lot more fun.

There are also new notes by Volk and Levin, in which both look back with honesty yet a great deal of warmth and enjoyment for what they did, and what they were doing around the time of this album.

The irony is that this was the last album on which that egalitarian spirit was to dominate; alongside the tight, hard, eminently danceable rock & roll sounds that comprise about two-thirds of this album, there are signs of the softer, more introspective balladry that lead singer Mark Lindsay was starting to favor in his songwriting ("Little Girl in the Fourth Row," etc.).

Through their on-the-street videos (think Batman, vagina jokes and public pranks), the guys, who each bring their own dating experiences, are a great combination of genuine and funny.… continue reading »

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It was supposed to be a quick visit, fly in one evening, get some sleep and then take a tour of the temple and fly back to Thailand that evening.… continue reading »

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