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30-Sep-2017 10:45

These things remind me of societal trends like 80’s clothes and hair, oxygen water or Dungeons and Dragons 3.0: they are all bad, and they will all ruin your game.

This past weekend, I led a Love Systems bootcamp in Seattle and one student asked me about the latest of these fads, which he called “natural game.” According to this, you don’t need any of the best word-for-word scripts, you don’t need the step-by-step structure from ).

Sure it’s easy to tell someone just to make conversation when he runs out of things to say, but when you’re talking to a Playboy Playmate lookalike and her friends are trying to drag her away and she’s looking at you expectantly to see if there’s anything more to you than a well-delivered opening line... Let’s say you are brand new to the sport of baseball.

Perhaps you have never even stepped up to bat before – but you really want to learn and you spend the money and get the opportunity to train with this professional baseball player.

It comes from making good friends who will push you, attending bootcamps and seminars and then going out and doing all of it all over again.

If you do that I guarantee that you will have natural game.

I’ve been around pickup and dating science for longer than just about anybody.

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All it means is that they have gotten good enough with the basic structure and with routines that they are now able to take the training wheels off.

Relationship advice: Zan is better known for his advice relating to creating and keeping positive relationships with women.

Zan has been travelling the world the last few years (especially Eastern European countries).

He was very active in the private forum, providing some of the more mature advice - given his age (he turned 40 before The Game was published surrounded by 4 of his girlfriends in style.

Zan began writing a book to sum up his ideas on women and relationships in 2006, which is set to be published in the second quarter of 2013.That’s why I’ve always been suspicious of guys who proclaim themselves to be gurus.

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