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The advantage of electric action is that you can save a combination of stops and later on recall it by just pushing a button (for an explanation click here).Finally the console includes some Console of the Brandenburg Cathedral organ (1725) withdrawknobs on the left and right.In most cases the so-called Principals (those well-known cylindrical polished tin pipes) are positioned in the facade while the ones deemed less attractive due to the way they are constructed are sitting in the back rows.In some, especially larger, organs you will find some pipes arranged horizontally in the facade, they are called .

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In historic organs they are connected to a mechanical action, most modern organs have electric switches instead.

Today's organs try to combine both periods and sound ideals, i.e.

they add Romantic stops or, in large organs, even entire Romantic divisions (preferably the Swell) to a baroque basis constructed according to the "Werkprinzip".

Note a peculiarity that manyorgan consoles have, the reverse coloring of the keys on themanuals, as opposed to piano keys whole tones are black,half tones white. The console is detached sothat the organist is facing the congregation.

This was anovelty then and a technical masterpiece as all 6,631 pipeshad to be connected with the keys via mechanical actionover a distance of up to 20 m (67 ft) and even around somecorners.

So large organs had three to four manuals, the largest organs today have up to seven manuals..