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The people in our community are well-heeled and take good care of their personal appearances.

There are few obese males or females and everyone is generally well-groomed.

Introduction: A substantial part of this story is based on factual information, true events in my life or from anecdotal accounts.

Specifically, the French senior citizens center mentioned in the story actually exists.

Some widows and divorcees were available in my family and social circle, but I hesitated to make a pass at any of them, lest I be accused of being a dirty old man, which I am. My manly weapon is just modest in size but women told me it was just the right size for their mouths.

I had toyed with the idea of remaining in my home but the yard work and repairs convinced me otherwise - they were just too onerous.

There was a special reason I got first crack, which you will find out later.

Our community is strewn out among a large apartment complex, several semi-detached residences and an equal number of "villas," which are really large cottages.

The community can accommodate 150 residents and there is seldom a vacancy.

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Over 13.3 million horny men and women use it every month (so you’ll never run out of options), you won’t have to pay to create a profile, browse, and chat, and your information is protected by SSL encryption technology.The French Ministry of Health promotes sex among seniors to promote mental and physical health.