Validating application design against specifications konspirator online dating

29-Aug-2017 16:28

Too often the Client mixes the job specifications with the candidate selection criteria and, in doing so, creates a situation that will frustrate both parties and potentially result in a poor hire.To prevent this from happening, the Recruiter should carefully explain the importance of validating the job description in a structured manner to insure that everything is correct at this critical first stage of the hiring process.Whether they receive it in written form or over the phone, they do not validate the candidate selection criteria against the job description.In validating the job description it is important to separate the two components described above.Although the Recruiter was able to locate several interested Engineers with at least five years of applicable experience, none of them had an Industrial Engineering degree.Because of this, all were rejected by the Client before the first interview.

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” “What outcomes must be achieved through this position and within what time frame?Additional questions that should be asked when validating the job specifications include: “In specific terms, what functions must be properly performed by this employee in order for them to produce the desired results?